Networked City mapping

Networked City is a loose framework within which people, projects and organisations can learn how to use mapping, network building, data and technology for community and social benefit.

We are using this site to display maps, starting with a map of London mappers and network builders created around our event at Newspeak House on March 27 2018.

We have created views demonstrating how maps can be used to show people's interests, connections and locations. The maps were created using an online survey tool, Sumapp, feeding the online mapping system Kumu. You can read here about the process, but we have restricted map access to those on the map.

The maps are not just visualisations. They can be analysed to show who is most central - and is likely to be most influential - and size the nodes accordingly. These can be coloured to show different node and connection types. Different schemes of colouring and sizing can be stored as ‘views’

The map is updateable by its members through the online survey by which they contributed their information. If you are on the map and wish to change your data, go back to the survey through the original link you were given and change your responses as necessary.